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44 Years of Redefining the Business and Trade Relationship with Japan

The European Business Council (EBC) is the trade policy arm of 16 European National Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations in Japan and has been working to improve the trade and investment environment for European companies in Japan since 1972. The EBC was registered with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2008 as the European (EU) Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The EBC currently works for around 2,500 local European corporate and individual members through fees paid via their respective national chamber of commerce. Some 250 companies participate directly in one or more of the EBC's 26 industry committees, whose work covers a wide variety of economic sectors. These committees are:

Aeronautics & Space Defence & Security Logistics & Freight
Airlines Energy Materials
Animal Health Financial Reporting
Medical Diagnostics
Asset Management Food & Agriculture
Medical Equipment
Automobiles Human Resources
Automotive Components Insurance
Retail & Wholesale
Banking Intellectual Property Rights
Construction Legal Services
Telecommunication Carriers
Cosmetics & Quasi - Drugs Liquor
Telecommunication Equipment

In a nutshell, EBC committees identify the issues keeping the companies from achieving their full potential in Japan and use the vast array of EBC’s lobbying tools, including the annual EBC Report on the Business Environment, to bring change by eliminating the problems.

The EBC works closely with the Delegation of the European Commission in Japan, the national European Embassies, and other business organisations to co-ordinate policy proposals and make suggestions to the Japanese Government on how to create an open environment for trade and investment in Japan.

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The EBC is a key actor in bringing change to the Japanese economy. By participating in EBC committees, companies have the opportunity not only to learn about the important changes taking place in Japan, but also to play a critical role in influencing the change themselves. Joining an EBC committee can give you access to highly relevant information in your sector, valuable contacts with other European professionals, an opportunity to have your voice heard through various channels, professional help in formulating and resolving your regulatory concerns under the EBC umbrella together with other member companies, and a direct channel to the Japanese government officials and politicians.

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